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8th Grade Gold Team World Geography

Teacher email: juliamitchell@scsb.org

Time Available for Calls or Conferences:

  • 8:30-9:00 a.m. & 3:25-3:45 p.m.



Monday, Mar. 5th: (Europe) In-class: Physical Characteristics PowerPoint and Cloze. Mapping Cities of Europe. SOL Culture Notes.

H/W: Culture Notes and WS

Tuesday, Mar. 6th: (Europe) In-class: Cultural Characteristics PowerPoint and Cloze. Culture JIST.

H/W: Identify Cultural Landmarks

Wednesday, Mar. 7th: (SOL Practice) In-Class: Use the directions for PowerTest. Take the 2012 SOL Practice Test. Upon completion, use the following link: Google Arts and Culture Use the drop down box and the left under Places and tour any of the cities of Europe we have discussed. See if you can find any of the Cultural Landmarks we have noted. Pay attention to detail, you will need it tomorrow. After you have finished and have your fill of European travel, begin the Europe Study Guide. YOU ARE NOT PERMITTED TO BE ON ANY OTHER WEBSITE. IF YOU ARE FOUND TO BE ON ANY SITE OTHER THAN THE ONE SITED ABOVE, YOU WILL BE GIVEN A ZERO FOR THE DAYS ASSIGNMENT AND WILL FORFEIT ANY OTHER USE OF THE CHROMEBOOK FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE YEAR!!

H/W: Study Guide will be due Friday, but I will check your progress tomorrow. Don't forget, your knowledge of European Landmarks and your eye for detail will be tested tomorrow. Happy Travel.

Thursday, Mar. 8th: (Latin America) In-class: TEST


Friday, Mar 9th: In-Class:


Classroom Procedures:

Be on time.
Be ready with all materials and homework.
Show respect for others, yourself, and the building.
Use appropriate language and volume.
Follow all guidelines set by the Student Handbook and MMS ROCKS Expectations.

Homework Policy:

All homework is due at the beginning of the class period.
All homework is to be written in complete sentences.
All work (class work and homework) should be written on loose leaf paper.
Incomplete assignments require a written excuse that will be filed in the students progress folder.
There will be multiple quizzes, tests, and projects throughout the year as well.


Grading Policy:

93 to 100 - A
85 to 92 - B
77 to 84 - C
70 to 76 - D
69 and below - F

9 week averages include: Daily homework grades (averaged weekly), vocabulary grades, quizzes, study guides (count 2X), projects/map activities (count 2X), and tests (count 3X).

Students if you are absent, do not forget about your vocabulary. You can find all the vocabulary words on my website, look for the Vocabulary Link. You can also find useful information, notes, maps, and power points on the Topic Links on the left as well.

Maps and Globes Practice