Answer Keys to Check your Work

(These are here for you to use to check your knowledge and help to ensure you are prepared for your tests. Your answers may not be exactly the same, I like to add extra information. Please remember, you may not turn in printed copies of these answer keys to get the credit for Study Guide grades.)

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Chapter 1: TEST

Chapter 2: Note-taking Key

Chapter 3: Study Guide (Physical Geography Review)

Chapter 4: Study Guide

Human Geography Review Guide

Review Guide: Human Geography

Review Guide for Economic Geography

The United States and Canada Study Guide

Latin America Review

Latin America PowerPoint Review

SEE PowerPoint

Europe Review

Russia and Central Asia Review

North Africa and Southwest Asia Review

SOL Review 1 WS Key

SOL Review 2 WS Key

SOL Review Packet

**We will make a few changes to this review packet in class!